DOOM Reimagined: A Glimpse into the Age of DOOM Mod

There’s a new twist on a classic game as DOOM gets a fresh perspective with the Age of DOOM mod. Released on August 11, 2022, this ambitious project reimagines the original DOOM game, integrating it with the Age of Empires 2 game engine.

Age of DOOM is the brainchild of HELLKNIGHT61, a dedicated scenario designer for the Age of Empires 2 community. The mod is a tactical shooter game with an isometric camera angle, which allows players to engage enemies in a point-and-click method reminiscent of Diablo games.

The mod offers a unique blend of classic DOOM elements with a fresh narrative spin, incorporating aspects from the original DOOM (1993) and Doom III (2004). Players will engage with all DOOM 2 or Doom II monsters and much more as the enemies. The mod also allows players to take control of either the Doomguy or an Arachnotron.

Among the notable features of the Age of DOOM mod are its unique game mechanics. Players can use abilities like “Sprint,” interact with switches, elevators, and teleportation devices, and use an array of weapons from the original DOOM, including “Standard Shotgun,” “Double Barreled Shotgun,” “Rocket Barreled Shotgun,” “BFG,” and “Soul Cube” items.

To help newcomers, a tutorial episode is available. This tutorial aims to teach players the basic gameplay mechanics and system, and there are also full playthrough videos available to assist players who may get stuck during gameplay.

The Age of DOOM mod is a unique blend of classic and modern gaming, providing a fresh take on the beloved DOOM franchise. It offers a new perspective on a well-loved game, making it an exciting prospect for fans of both DOOM and Age of Empires.

You can find the full download for this mod from the moddb website

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