Chinese Kickstarter Blatantly Rips Off The PS4 and Xbox One

China is no stranger to breaching copyright since there are pretty much no laws over there to prevent it from happening. This latest console has done absolutely nothing to disguise that it is a plain and simple rip off of the Playstation 4, with the controller being the exact same as the Xbox One controller.

Unfortunately a lot of the text on the page is image based which can’t be translated by any tools, but here’s what we were able to find out so far.

  • The console will be running Android 4.4.2.
  • It will have a HDMI out with Ethernet, 2 USB ports and Micro SD card reader.
  • There will be 2GB of RAM and 16GB built in memory.
  • It will ship with some games built for the console. (It’s not confirmed if these will also be on the play store).
PS4 Rip Off

If anything this console is kind of like the Playstation TV. It is a handheld OS on a TV. The specs on it actually aren’t too bad and it looks quite small and tidy. I can’t imagine Sony or Microsoft are going to be particularly pleased about the release of this device, since it is an exact replica of their copyrighted property. The console itself is the same shape as the PS4, but it looks like they have took the lines from the top of the Xbox One and put them on this to make it a little different.


Console Appearance

I’m sure it wont be long until one of the gaming giants get lawyers involved. This wouldn’t be the first time that a Chinese company rips off the PS4 or Xbox One, but this does look like it could be a fun console to own, so I can’t see this one lasting too long.

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