Adventure College Student Handbook Kickstarter

The Adventure College Student Handbook invites gamers to a magicpunk world with custom mechanics for dnd 5e compatible gameplay. The setting pokes fun at the college experience and at classic adventuring through the titular college, which educates and licenses heroes. The character creation and other mechanics are designed to complement similar settings, but they are bundled with plenty of standalone lore to work with if you’d prefer.

–> 4+ playable races include novel abilities, new naming conventions, and rich histories!

–> 8+ backgrounds provide original features and tables for traits, ideals, bonds, flaws, and unique twists!

–> Satirical items, like iCrystals with Witchtagram and the Nindondo CrystalSwap gaming set, are joined by new tools and weapons – elemental engine vehicles, firearms, flashbang vials, steampunk boomerangs, the barista kit, and more!

The base content has been playtested, drafted, and professionally illustrated by artist Ellie Erhart. Backers can receive early access to request and vote on expansions, or even work with the creator on entirely new additions! Click the link and enroll today!


Species include the arborstars (pictured below), the pookahs (shapeshifter shepherds of magical beasts), the reebies (people stitched together at the brink of death from multiple spare corpses), and the hels (partially skeletonized, maritime people of the River in Styx). Background include academic (Pledgie, Scholarship Student), techy (Mechanic, Pop Culture Aficionado), and other themes!

living tree

Unlocked stretch goals mean unlocked add-ons! These include the Teacup Dragon Companion (a fiercely adorable buddy with a tiny quest to impress them and the adoption agency), the Bundle of 10 Plot Hooks (each with ideas to work in Student Handbook backgrounds and races), and the Three Magicpunk Subclasses (the Rider, the Gadgeteer, and the Technomancer)!


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