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PSN Username Generator

PSN Username Generator

Times have changed, it is now possible to change your PSN username! Now you can finally get rid of that terrible username that you...

How Do I Use A Gaming Headset on A PS4?

You always see your friends talking about playing Call of duty or Rayman Legends together in their PS4 and feel left off...

Rumor : Leaked Pictures of PS4 Slim

The time has come again where we now have another leak of a potential new piece of gaming hardware. Seems like it only a...
Max Payne Wallpaper

Max Payne Getting Released On PS4

There were some rumors floating around around Christmas time that saw a potential release of Max Payne on the PS4 as the game had...

Chinese Kickstarter Blatantly Rips Off The PS4 and Xbox One

China is no stranger to breaching copyright since there are pretty much no laws over there to prevent it from happening. This latest console...

Could New Features Be On The Way For PS4?

Insider Tidux who has been a great source for leaking inside information has made a Tweet that new features could be incoming for the...
Contrast Shadow

Contrast Review

Contrast is a game that might not lure everyone in based on a first impression but once you forget about your expectations you can...


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