How to eavesdrop on the guards during follow Nur's lead quest?


For the quest Follow Nur’s lead, I can see the two guards standing on a balcony. The game has told me to eavesdrop on them by pressing R3. I have done this and I have targeted the guy with the icon above his head but it doesn’t seem to work. I hear them chatting about stuff but it never updates the quest objective. What am I doing wrong?

How to eavesdrop on the guards during follow Nurs lead quest
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Dan -

The important part to this is that you must be hidden. This doesn’t mean out of sight of the guards but properly hidden. If you are in the walkway above the two guards, look to the right of them and you will see a stack of hay. Jump into this and now you will be fully hidden. You should see the prompt to eavesdrop on the guards appear now and you will be able to move on with the quest then.

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