Can't print officer Briggs photo?


I have gone to the computer terminal to print the picture as the quest marker points to but I can’t interact with the computer. Pressing up or down doesn’t allow me to access the database option that is highlighted. If I press the button to select, it just tells me there is data maintenance and the service is unavailable. Is this a glitch or do I need to speed up the maintenance?

Cant print officer Briggs photo
Robocop: Rogue City

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2 Answers

Manofguts -

The way it worked for me on PS5. was don’t talk to pickles go straight to Cecil and then do the three rounds when it goes the 3rd round just fail it. And then go to the computer terminal. And print the photo.

locknloaded -

Go over to the shooting range and do some shooting there. I did 2 rounds of shooting. When I came back to the computer terminal, I was able to interact with it and print the picture.


  1. Had the same issue on xbox. Think it’s a bug :-(
    @locknloaded: Thank you very much! It worked :-D

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