What Are The Expectations For Elder Scrolls 6

expectations for elder scrolls 6

Bethesda has revealed, through a short trailer, that they are working on a sixth entry to the Elder Scrolls franchise. Considering the success and popularity of Skyrim, we can expect people to start going nuts about this game as we start to get some information leaked. What sort of things should we be expecting?

I have absolutely no insight here, so take anything you read here as nothing but random blabbering of a fan of the franchise. On the subject of what we can expect to form the next game, it is a difficult one to know. We do have some regions left to explore, and we don’t have any reason to believe that Elder Scrolls 6 is going to be a remake of any past games, although a remake of the first two would be nice.


Will We Finally Get Dwarves?

The Dwemmer ruins are something that I really love. Probably because it brings back fond memories of running around dwarven areas in World of Warcraft. There is something about the gold obsessed, intricate architecture that I love, but there’s also the mystery of what happened to them. How did such a powerful race just vanish?

Part of me fears that the answer to this question will not live up to expectations. Is it the mystery itself that makes it so appealing rather than actually knowing? I remember back when I was big into Stargate, the show did go down the road of introducing the races and did a good job. Knowing was never as exciting as not knowing.

For Elder Scrolls 6, It would be great if they could start dropping some clues. Maybe keep the mystery going but start dropping some weird information that gets us thinking. Get people wondering what the hell has happened but always keep the answer a little out of reach. So long as these quests involve running around some dwarven ruins, there will be no complaints from me!

Coop Multiplayer

ESO has brought multiplayer to the franchise and we don’t want to see Elder Scrolls get the Fallout 76 treatment. What about a simple coop mode rather than a full-blown MMO. Invite a friend to play through the single-player game mode, much like you could do with the likes of Gears of War and Halo.

Being able to team up with another player to unleash stealth attacks or have a proper duo of a dealing wizard and a warrior tank would add a new dimension of gameplay. Having a real person to join up with your awesome Elder Scrolls character would be perfect. Someone will finally be able to appreciate the awesome armor you put the effort into finding.

Character Progression From Past Games

One thing that is great about the Bioware games like Mass Effect is being able to continue on with the same character for each new game. This obviously does apply itself as well to the narrative but it isn’t like your Elder Scrolls character matters all that much in these games.

After pumping a huge amount of time to skill up a character, it would be cool to be able to keep going with that same character. I wonder how well the game would scale with the difficulty. Would the game end up going nuts with balance if a player started the game as a total beast?

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