ESO Collectors Edition Review

eso collectors edition

As an avid collector and enthusiast of the Elder Scrolls franchise, there’s no denying the anticipation that surrounds the unboxing of the Elder Scrolls Online Dwarven Colossus Collectable Edition Figure. The tangible weight of the package is an early indicator of the contents: a meticulously crafted figure of the Dwarven Colossus, iconic and awe-inspiring, and an accompanying concept art book that serves as a visual journey through the rich lore of the game.

Let’s start with the centrepiece of the collection: the Dwarven Colossus figure. Standing at an impressive height, the figure is undeniably imposing, successfully emulating the monumental scale of the Dwarven Colossus as we’ve seen it in the game. The figure is beautifully textured, the lines and grooves capturing the rugged aesthetics associated with Dwarven engineering. This figure’s silhouette is commanding, its stance one of power and readiness, and its mass provides a solid, tactile experience.

dwarven colossus

Alongside the figure, the art book is a delightful addition. Full of richly detailed content and featuring a top-notch print quality, it provides a deeper dive into the world of Tamriel and its various creatures and characters. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate the comprehensive lore exploration and stunning visuals, rendering it an invaluable companion to the figure itself.

However, as with any product, there are a few shortcomings. A particularly vulnerable point in the design is the spike on the helmet of the figure, which can easily bend and can be a challenge to repair. Collectors must handle this part with care to maintain the integrity of the product.

Moreover, in terms of the likeness between the figure and the in-game model, it feels like there’s room for improvement. In Elder Scrolls Online, the Dwarven Colossus is a sight to behold. Its mechanized body glows as if powered by a fiery furnace within, a detail that’s, unfortunately, missing from the figure.

The face is lacking artistic flair. It should look like fire is glowing behind the mouth openings

This oversight is even more noticeable on the face and the main cannon, which lacks the vibrant, firey glow that gives the Colossus its lifelike energy in the game. This lack of the incandescent aura makes the figure seem dormant rather than combat-ready. This is further worsened when the cheap Funko-Pop figure of the Colossus shows there was some effort made to show light around the face.

colossus cannon
The colossus cannon also has the same issue with some lacking detail and lacking that fire glow


The Elder Scrolls Online Dwarven Colossus Collectable Edition offers a substantial and impressive figure, complemented by a high-quality, detail-rich art book. While some fragile elements and discrepancies with the in-game model might detract from the overall experience, it is a commendable package that can be a striking addition to any Elder Scrolls fan's collection. Despite a few drawbacks, the overall appeal and quality of the set should be enough to satisfy most collectors.
  • Massive and imposing figure
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Detailed and high-quality art book
  • Great shelf presence
  • Some fragile parts (e.g., helmet spike)
  • Inaccurate likeness to the in-game model in terms of coloring and glow effects
  • The main cannon looks inactive and lacks the fiery effect seen in-game