Where is starfish reef?

I have a trophy for aa sparx level. Says it is called starfish reef in the description. I have found a sparx board in a few worlds but only some.of them are active. I'm not sure where to find this. The water world is the only place where I havnt found a sign post with a picture of sparx on it. I have searched all over this place and not found the sign.

90% of the level is under water so there aren't many places where this could be placed. Where is starfish reef in Spyro Year of the Dragon?

Where is starfish reef? Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Where is starfish reef? - . - See below for the answer to this question.

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Swim around beneath the water until you find the gateway to Frozen Alters. Swim to the surface and look to the wall at the other side. You will see a ladder going up to a tower. Climb up here and you will find the sign post for sparx.

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