Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Box Art

The first three Spyro the Dragon games remastered in HD.



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I have a trophy for aa sparx level. Says it is called starfish reef in the description. I have found a sparx board in a few worlds but only some.of them are active. I'm not sure where to find this. The water world is the only place where I havnt found a sign post with a picture of sparx on it. I have searched all over this place and not found the sign.

90% of the level is under water so there aren't many places where this could be placed. Where is starfish reef in Spyro Year of the Dragon?

There is a trophy in spyro 2 called conservationist 2. It says you have to "complete gulps overlook without harming fodder". My question is, who is fodder? 

I can see loads of treasure hidden up in the control room or something but I don't see any way for me to get up to it

I have searched all over this level and have found as much as I can. I'm still missing a lot of treasure and a missing dragon. I can see around the back of the main tower, there is a platform with some mushrooms jumping around. I have tried to get over but I can never get enough height to glide over. I have searched all around for any secret entrance but no luck. I see a square hole in the roof to get to the treasure but I have no way to get up there. How do you reach the hidden treasure in Haunted Towers in Spyro?