What is in the ships cargo bay?


When looking at the ship’s computer, it has a warning to say that there is something in the cargo bay, the door to the side of the computer is red and will not let me inside. What is going on here? Is there a secret inside? The message suggests there is something going inside.

What is in the ships cargo bay

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2 Answers

SteveSickle89 -

The cargo bay unlocks later in the game. I dont want to give any spoilers but it isnt something you will concern yourself with for now. It will unlock near the end of the game and once it does, it will allow you to do some unique fast travel activities.

Dan Hastings -

I think the cargo bay is the part of the ship that has the hole in it. It is just talking about the broken engine on the ship that you can crawl out of to begin the time loop and go into the jungle level. I don’t think there is any secret behind it.


  1. Its a time travel machine. Once you beat the final boss it unlocks and then the machine allows you to travel between loops to reach different bosses and areas

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