How do you destroy turrets that have a red shield?


Now and then I find some turrets that are surrounded by a red shield. Guns do not seem to do any damage to the shield. How are you meant to destroy these enemies that are being protected by the shield?

How do you destroy turrets that have a red shield

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Dan -

You will need to obtain the sword before you can break through the red shields. You get the sword in the first biome. It will be part of the story sort of so you can’t miss it. Once you have it, the game will make you use it and you will know then how it works.


  1. Some alt-fire weapons will take out the shields. Blast Shell and Shieldbreaker (duh) will remove them, but Voidbeam, Killsight, Shockstream, and Vert/Hor Barrage will not. Additionally, an artifact can be found that will give you a 25% chance that a normal fire shot can break them. Other than that, work your way in close to break the shield with a melee sword attack. A point of advice I will offer is: anytime you have a chance to get the Blade Balancer Artifact, do all that you can to fabricate it… because it more than doubles the damage amount of your melee attacks.

    I have not conquered the game yet, so this is all I know so far. Cheers.

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