Obolite Repository - What Happens When it is Filled?

Obolite Repository

The Obolite Repository is found in the fabricator room in each biome of the game. The repository sits to the side and provides you with the following message when you interact with it.

“A device that exchanges Ether and Obolites for one another. It seems poised to do something if enough Obolites are placed in it. Cooperation with other scouts is encouraged.”

If you are struggling to survive, spending obolites is not something you want to do for nothing. Does this device provide you with any benefit when you completely fill the repo?

What do you get when the Obolite Repository reaches 10000?

You can only donate once and then you must wait for the repository to completely fill up before getting your reward. Progress is saved across deaths so if you donate and die, you will be able to redeem your reward once you respawn.

filled obolite repository to 10000
When the repository is filled completely, you will notice that it is activated when you enter the room. Head over and you will be able to claim a new artefact.

The artefact can be quite helpful, depending on how much you are struggling. This is a one-time activation though. Collect the item and make good use of it as this is it.

Does the Repository Stay Activated once Filled?

Once the repository is filled to 10000, does it stay activated forever, allowing you to claim an artefact every time?

Unfortunately not. Once the device is filled and activated, you can claim your artefact and the next time you visit the fabricator room, the device will have reset and must be filled to 10000 all over again.

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