Stuck Outside Fort Frolic After Spider Splicer Fight

I have just come out of the Bahysphere and was about to get into another before Cohen jumped in and blocked it off. I went back to the previous area and he sent a few waves if spider splicers to attack me. I have killed them all, but nothing is happening. The shutters are still blocking the entrance to Fort Frolic and there doesn't appear to be anything else to do. I have played this game before and I never got stuck here so I am guessing that this is a glitch. Can it be fixed? The last gsmesave I can reload is from an hour ago.

I am playing the PlayStation 4 version of the Bioshock HD collection.

Stuck Outside Fort Frolic After Spider Splicer Fight BioShock

Stuck Outside Fort Frolic After Spider Splicer Fight - I am at the entrance to fort frolic and have just finished a battle with a load of spider splicers. It seems to have glitched. The battle wont end even though they are dead. - See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

This is a fairly rate glitch, but it has happened to others. It is caused by a splicer getting stuck somewhere. Typically caused by an explosion. There are lots of barrels in the hallway before the fleet hall. If these blow it can make a fairly big explosion. This can cause a splicer to get stuck if they were crawling above the celing before the explosion occurred. You might be able to fix it, but it is unlikely. You have 2 options, either kill the splicer or reload an old save. 

Killing the splicer might be tough if not impossible. It depends on where they are stuck. Try shooting some grenades around the place, particularly in the hole in the celing where they all come from. This could either unstick the splicer or even kill it. Once the game detects the splicer is dead, Cohen will come up on the radio and open up the shutter to Fort Frolic. 

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