PSN EU Great Value Games Sale

great value games sale

A pretty big sale this month so there should be something for everyone.

Playstation EU Great Value Games Sale

Only games are listed below, no DLC. You can find the cost along with the score given to them on Metacritic, Whether of not the game contains a platinum trophy, The difficulty to obtain 100% of the trophies in the game ( and the length of time it takes to obtain all the trophies.

* We have tried to get most accurate metacritc scores available, if no suitable one is found we resorted to a score from an modern remake or re-release of the game and if no score was found after that we just left it out. also prices may be slightly different based on region

Playstation 3

GameCostMetaScoreWhether this game contains a platinum trophy.100% Difficulty100% Time
Tokyo Jungle4.994.49745.520 hours
Rain9.995.997217 hours
God of War HD9.998.9994515 hours
Uncharted 2: among thieves7.997.1996525 hours
Starhawk9.998.99777150 hours
Medieval Moves7.997.1961750 hours
Diggs nightcrawler7.197.197638
Playstation Move Heroes7.997.1953415 hours
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon7.496.748228 hours
Hitman Trilogy11.9910.79N/Asee individual gamessee individual games
Deus Ex: Human revolution – Directors Cut11.9910.7990550 hours
Just Cause 26.195.5783450 hours
I am Alive4.994.4975315 hours
Beyond Good and Evil HD3.993.5983515 hours
Hitman: Blood Money HD5.995.3982415 hours
Scott Pilgrim VS. The world3.993.59774.512 hours
PAC-MAN championship Edition DX+4.994.4986210
RAYMAN 3 HD3.993.59726.515 hours
Tomb Raider: Underworld6.195.5775315 hours
From Dust4.994.4981620 hours
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin HD5.995.3987725 hours
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days6.195.5762650 hours
Fat Princess4.994.4979615 hours
Hitman Contracts6.996.2980325 hours
Cloudberry Kingdom3.993.5975930 hours
Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype3.992.7977615 hours
Kane and Lynch: Dead men5.995.3965N/AN/A
Outland3.993.598322 hours
The Expendables 23.593.2334415 hours
Shoot Many Robots2.492.2467315 hours
Babel Rising2.492.245546 hours
Mad Riders2.492.2471111 hours
Soldner-X : Himmelssturmer2.992.0963940 hours
Top Darts4.994.4970N/A30 hours
Noby Noby Boy1.991.007522 hours
Rag Doll Kung Fu4.994.496865 hours
When Vikings Attack4.994.49738N/A
Eat Them2.992.6965410 hours
Dark Mist2.992.69N/AN/AN/A
Trash Panic2.992.6972950 hours
.detuned1.991.7946120 mins

Playstation Vita

GameCostMetaScoreWhether this game contains a platinum trophy.100% Difficulty100% Time
Modnation Racers9.998.9962620 hours
Uncharted: Golden Abyss9.99FREE80530 hours
Jacob Jones and the bigfoot mystery0.990.897413 hours
Touch My Katamari9.998.9969720 hours

there is also a a collection of PSone and PSP games available in this sale

The Best


Deus Ex: Human revolution – Directors Cut this just beats uncharted 2 for the best game, both are awesome but Deus ex has some serious replay value and holds up the best out of the two of them.

PS Vita

Uncharted: Golden Abyss one of the best example of a console experience working on a handheld, story is a bit bland compared to other uncharted games, but everything else made the jump over to handheld intact.

The trophy whore


God of War HD has a very good trophy list, collectables are easily found and gameplay is still fun and holds up pretty well compared to most modern games. The only difficulty you might have is with the challenges of the god which took me a few tries and a nice bit of luck to complete

PS Vita

Uncharted: Golden Abyss not the best choices for Vita this time but uncharted does have a reasonable trophy set and is quite enjoyable to play as well.

Something Different


Scott Pilgrim VS. The world where do I start every part of this game is tribute to classic gaming, the art style, the gameplay and soundtrack(which was made using an NES)

PS Vita

Jacob Jones and the bigfoot mystery is a pretty good puzzle game with an awesome art style, it’s also cheap than most chocolate bar so there is no excuse not to pick it up.

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