Modder Behind Watchdogs E3 2012 Mod Discusses Differences

At this stage we have all seen and heard of the Watchdogs mod for PC that upgrades the games visuals to make it look more like the E3 2013 demo. The mod has made a lot of us wonder why the game couldn’t look like this to begin with. The creator of the mod has made a post on reddit explaining what he did to achieve the changes and has also provided a nice gallery of comparison shots.

“Hi, i’m the actual creator of the mod. You can call it a mod, a tweak or whatever but first you need to understand the hard work involved into getting this results. Obviously the media exagerated as always and posted a picture of “e3 rain” which many people thought this was just 1 and 0. That value corresponds to the actual ammount of rain, cloudy and lighting to apply to the final lighting effects. Due to ubisoft completely changed the way tod works after e3 2012 the older files don’t even work properly So I took the time to change the default lighting into a more realistic one and more E3-ISH, not e3. THIS IS NOT AN E3 MOD, This is just a modification which includes several changes to the default files from ubisoft’s watch dogs game. Many effects have been downgraded and still is not possible to get them back. Right now I’m changing the lighting, the colorgrading and some fog values to increase the overall quality of the game. So i’ll post a proper comparisson between vanilla and the mod after I get it working properly with all the effects. Thank you so much for you support. I highly appreciate every comment!”

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