Left For Dead Tellytubby Mod Takes Things To A New Level of Freaky

Left 4 Dead has it’s fair share of weird mods, but this one in particular is quite strange. This is the Tellytubby Nightmare mod that will replace some of the zombies in the game with the lovable (not really) childrens characters.

The Tellytubbies are known for being a bit odd. How they became popular with children is part of the mystery with these guys. Well it looks like some modders also found some interest in these characters, by adding them to the game as a mod.

The mod can be downloaded here http://www.gamemaps.com/details/3167 .

For such colorful characters it’s surprising that it actually turns out to be quite spooky. It seems that the Tellytubbies have been cast as scary characters a lot more often than lovable ones these days. With some color adjustments the Tellytubbies turn from being happy and colorful to something out of a horror movie.

Evil Tellytubbies

Check out the gameplay video below to see the mod in action.

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