See Two Popular Halo Levels Remade With Dinosaurs

halo levels remade with dinosaurs

Fans of the series will undoubtedly remember these levels from the Halo series. Well now you can jump back into these levels with an added prehistoric twist. These maps are available for ARK: Survival Evolved and are available for download on Steam workshop. We don’t get enough games with dinosaurs anymore. If your trigger finger is itching to shoot some dinosaurs with powerful futuristic weapons, then you need to download these maps.

There are currently two maps available for download on the workshop page. You can download “The Silent Cartographer” and a Combat Evolved level. Check out the video below to see some of this dino action or maybe some futuristic action for your dinosaur game?

There are still a few things that could be given a coat of polish, but it looks pretty fun overall. The video doesn’t show off the true potential that this map has. Imagine the madness of playing an 8v8 online game on this map. No only do you have to watch out for other players, but you might get your ass eaten by a T-Rex…and yes, there is a T-Rex in this!

You can check out and download both maps here  . Its not every day that you see halo levels remade with dinosaurs, so this is definitely worth checking out.

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