Grand Theft Auto Founder Dan Houser Unveils Enigmatic New Company: Absurd Ventures!

Hold on to your hats, folks! Dan Houser, the brilliant mind behind Grand Theft Auto, has announced a mysterious new company called Absurd Ventures. What could this enigmatic venture be all about?

According to a tweet by Geoff Keighley, Dan Houser has revealed that Absurd Ventures will focus on “building narrative worlds, creating characters, and writing stories for a diverse variety of genres, without regard to medium.” This intriguing project will span live-action, animation, and of course, video games.

With Houser’s track record of creating immersive gaming experiences, we can’t help but be excited about what he has in store for us with Absurd Ventures. Will it revolutionize storytelling across various mediums? We’re eager to find out!

Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating new venture, and don’t forget to check out the original source for all the juicy details. Let the speculation begin!

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