Back to the Future Meets Grand Theft Auto in Exciting New Mod

In an innovative blend of cinematic nostalgia and gaming ingenuity, a new mod has been released that brings the iconic “Back to the Future” (BTTF) franchise into the world of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” (GTA:SA). The mod, known as HVGTASA, was launched in early access on January 1, 2023, and has already started making waves within the gaming community​.

Crafted by the talented mod creator, CrafyDMC, HVGTASA is an amalgamation of various BTTF mods for GTA:SA, introducing an array of story missions based on the legendary BTTF movie trilogy. This transformative mod not only infuses the classic game with the spirit of time travel and adventure but also expands the game’s environment with the inclusion of the fictional town, Hill Valley, created from a combination of GTA:SA and BTTF:HV assets​.

As the mod continues to be developed and refined during its early access phase, players can look forward to more Back to the Future-themed content and features. This mod is an exciting example of how creative modders can effectively bring together different media franchises, creating unique and engaging gaming experiences for fans.

Yoan download the full mod from moddb

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