The Witness Walkthrough All Puzzles

The Witness Walkthrough

The Witness is a puzzle game that is quite similar to games like Portal and Talos Principle. You are given a series of puzzles that you need to solve in themed areas of an open world map. Puzzles vary quite a bit and at times The Witness can present some very challenging puzzles. If you have found that you are stuck scratching your head and are unable to beat a particular puzzle then this walkthrough will be of help to you.

This is a 100% completion The witness walkthrough . This video guide will show you how to beat every single puzzle you need to solve in order to complete the game and make it to the battle against Gannon….just kidding, there is no boss fight against Gannon.

There are 14 videos in this walkthrough that will guide you through all of the different areas in this game. There is a good sense of reward for completing the puzzles in this game. As the guy in the video says quite often, try to solve these puzzles alone and if you get stuck, refer to this game walkthrough for the puzzle solution.

The video playlist below is a start to finish playlist, even if it appears to just be a part 1 video. This is The Witness walkthrough from start to finish.

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