Strike The Gemstones Pointing in Four Directions Guide

Gemstones Pointing in Four Directions

In the ancient cistern you will come across a puzzle where you have a lock with four parts you must strike in a certain order to unlock it. Beside the door, you will be presented with the following riddle.

Gemstones Pointing in Four Directions
Strike the Gemstones Pointing in Four Directions wisely. The way will only open for one who knows the temples secret order.

So how do you solve this riddle. What so you need to do to figure out the order of the puzzle?

Solving Gemstones Pointing In Four Directions

The first clue for this comes in the main area of the cistern. It will tell you that the clues to the direction can be found on the back, the rear, the right hand and the left hand. It’s kind of confusing until you go and investigate further. Doing this, you will find that there is actually a drawing on the wall showing a direction. These corespond to the direction you must strike the lock. Here is the solution.

  • Back : Up
  • Rear: Down
  • Right Hand: Left
  • Left Hand: Right
Direction to strike the lock
Four of these drawings will be in this area in the locations described in the puzzle. Find them and you will know what order to strike the lock

If you return to the lock and strike them in this order, the lock will open up and you will be able to walk through the door.

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