How to Easily Capture Bugs using the Bug Net

Easy bug net

When I first got the bug net, I found it prefltty frustrating. Many bugs, once startled will run away and you will have a few seconds to catch them before they are gone. If you don’t know the trick for using the bug net, you are going to have a hard time.

There is a very simple trick when using the controller to almost guarantee you capture the bug every time. No need to be wailing around with the bug net, capturing nothing at all.

The simple technique is to flick the thumb stick forward quickly and let go. Do not hold onto the stick and wave the net around like it is a wand. You need to flick it once and let go. See the video guide below for a better explanation.

Aiming with the Bug Net is better

If you press LZ to lock onto a bug, you will be in an even better position to capture the bug very easily. Once locked on, click the thumb stick like you see in the video and you will be able capture the bug eight away. Super easy compared to trying to capture the bug normally.

Bug net trick
By aiming at the bug, you will ensure you are always aiming at the bug. By flicking the thumb stick, Link will always swing the bug net directly at the bug, making it super easy to capture them
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