Eldin Volcano Key Pieces Location Guide

eldin volcano key pieces

Opening the main door to the first temple in the woods was relatively easy. A strange-looking item that you had to move on the screen in order to get it to line up with a lock on the door. It doesn’t take too much effort to get it right. When you get to Eldin Volcano, however, you are up against a much more challenging task to obtain all of the Eldin Volcano key pieces.

There are five pieces in total that you will need to find before piecing together the complete key to unlock the door to the earth temple. You will more than likely find a few of them before getting stuck. Even when you remember that you can use the dousing tool to locate them, they can still be a little difficult to find and often difficult to figure out how to get to the location that it is pointing to. This guide will help you obtain all of the key pieces at Eldin Volcano in order to get into the earth temple.

Eldin Volcano Key Pieces Location Guide

The fastest way to obtain all of the key Eldin Volcano key pieces is to watch the quick video below. I will provide a more in-depth guide below for those wanting to find a specific item or just look for some general tips rather than have the answer right away.

Press up on the D-Pad to activate the dousing tool. You will have been given the ability to locate the key pieces for the temple door here./ It will guide you to the locations where you can find them. You will need to be close enough to them in order to find them, however, which will require some exploration and regular use of this tool in order to find them all.

Key Piece 1 – The first key piece is just down the hill you just came up to get to the temple door. Walk back and slightly to the left. You will see a bomb. Throw it at the boulders blocking the cave to the left of the screen.

Key Piece 2 – The second key piece is also nearby. From the temple door, turn left (not to the little village) run around to the left and you will see some bombs. Throw them at the tower down below to knock it over. You will find a digging patch below the remains of the tower.

Key Piece 3 – From the temple door, turn left (same direction toward key piece 2). Before you enter the rocky area, you will find a patch on the ground. Dig into it to find the easiest of the key pieces.

Key Piece 4 – Spend some time climbing up to the top of the mountain. You will get to an area where it is too hot for you to proceed and you need to get some gear before you can go inside and handle the heat. There will be a second exit from this area that will cause you to slide down a hill. Stick to the right as best you can until you pass the first steam vent. On the second right path, where you will see 2 blue rupees, you will also see a platform toward the left side of the route. Aim to land here. Once you land on it, you can use the steam vents to jump over to the dig patch where you will get the fourth piece.

Key Piece 5 – The fifth and final part of the Eldin Volcano key pieces is the most tricky to obtain. From where you found key piece 4, slide down the hill until you fall off and land on a platform back near the bottom of the volcano. Follow the path and keep an eye out for a cave to the right that is filled with lava. There will be a bomb inside. Use this bomb to blow out the loose rocks. This will cause the lava to fly out of the area, giving you more room to access the cave door at the other side. Since the door is blocked up, you will need to throw a bomb against the hill part so that it rolls its way to the door. Once you have blown the rocks, sprint over the hill to get to the other side. IF you do no sprint, you slide into the lava. The final key piece will be under a digging patch inside this cave door.

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