How to Get the Bug Net

Bug net

There are quite a few bugs roaming around the land in Skyward Sword. You have probably jilled a few and wondered if there is some kind of special purpose for them. Well there is, you can catch them and put them toward various uses. How to catch them? Well, you have figured out that much already since you have landed on this page. But how do you get the bug net in skyward sword?

It isn’t until you get to Lanayru Mine that you might wonder why you don’t have the bug net. It is mentioned when you find some tumbleweed. So here is how to get the bug net as you have definitely missed it if you have gotten this far.

Where To Find The Bug Net

The bug net is an item that you buy form a special vendor back at Skyloft. If you haven’t been visiting often, it might explain why you missed it.

There is a special flying vendor that you need to keep a look out for. See the image below

How to get the bug net
Keep a look out for this flying store around the main bazzar building at Skyloft

How to enter the store?

Once you have found the store, the next big question is how do you get inside so that you can buy the bug net?

See the big bell underneath? Shoot something, such as the beetle at it. When it rings, the store will stop and a rope will come down for you to climb up.

Once inside you will be able to purchase the bug net for a fairly cheap 50 rupees. You can now use it to capture bugs in the wild.

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