Ikayaki Alley Walkthrough

I really liked this level, I wish it had of been a bit longer. This is the second chapter in Jazzpunk and takes you to an asian street, where as before, you can quickly complete this level, but it will mean you bypass a lot of the content in this level.

Ikayaki Alley Speed Run

Follow the main path down to the very end. You will be in a sort of square with a bunch of people in it. Look for the restaurant and go inside.

Electric Squid
Electric Squid

When you are inside, grab the large jar that is standing next to the conveyor belt. You need to use this jar to capture 5 spiders. There are a total 8 of them around the restaurant. Here is a quick guide.

  1. On a plate that is on the conveyor belt
  2. Jump behind the counter, it is on the side.
  3. On the right side of the counter near the man with the cowboy hat, hidden in the crack.
  4. Inside the mens bathroom by the toilet.
  5. In the womans bathroom on the sink

Collect all 8 of them to get a trophy/achievement. Once you have 5, go to the kitchen and throw the spiders at the chef. Head inside the kitchen and pick up the blow fish on the counter. Squirt the venom onto one of the plates and it will lead to a cut scene where the man outside will eat it and get sick. Go into the womans toilet to find him dead inside. Pick up the organ that he dropped and you are done. Head back to the train station where you started to finish the level.

Side Quests

This level has a lot of side streets and hidden quests that are very easy to miss if you only focus on the games main story mission. There are 3 trophies you can get for side quests here, but there are a lot of other things to do, so as always, be sure to look around. The following trophies can be obtained here, click the links in the list for the full guide on how to unlock that trophy.

Video Walkthrough

As before, for those who prefer a video guide , here it is.  Video guide for Ikayaki Alley in Jazzpunk.

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