Bachelor Pad Walkthrough

This is the final chapter of Jazzpunk and it is definitely the most detailed when it comes to gameplay and things to do. This chapter is quite a bit of fun as there are quite a few mini games to play which sort of built up to a Jazzpunk equivalent of a boss fight.

Bachelor Pad Speead Run

This chapter is a tough one to speed run since the pace is sort of set by the game itself. When you first arrive, you can’t actually begin the main story. You will see a tube of water in the middle of the room when you first enter. The main story can’t begin until someone is inside of this. You will be notified by a video in the corner of the screen when the person is there. Until then you will need to kill some time. I completed this chapter twice and there doesn’t appear to be a trigger. Just spend some time doing things around the house until the man appears.

Once the man is inside the water tube, head over and interact, this will begin the story. Head outside and speak with the 3 men outside. This will trigger a game of mini golf. Complete the game and head onto the roof of the house.

Take one of the flying golf carts and fly through the hoops to land at the destination. This will begin a boat racing game which is a little tricky, but fun. Once you have done 3 laps the game will end and you can head back to the golf cart to fly to the next section of the game.

The final game is a game of golf. I couldn’t figure out how to play this without loosing, but it is likely rigged as the golf was. Once this is done the guy will stand on the podium. You need to inflate his ego so that he pops. If you look around the area you will find a bunch of items pick up everything you can and give it to the guy to inflate his ego until he pops. Keep an eye out for things like flowers, gold medal, tiara, ribbon, trophy etc. Once he has popped you can return back to the main house.

Once you are back at the house, head inside and free the man from the water tube. It doesn’t matter what option you choose, as you may have guessed from the suspicious label on the button. Jump into the mans mouth and the game will be over. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Side Quests & Trophies

There aren’t really any side quests in this chapter, but there are quite a few things that you can interact with. This chapter contains more mini games than the rest of the game combined, so the bachelor pad chapter will definitely provide you with the most entertainment of all of the chapters in the game. Make sure to spend the time exploring around the main building area before starting the main quest. There isn’t much you can do for the main story at first anyway since it takes a few minutes for it to trigger.

There are a total of 6 trophies or achievements that can be unlocked in this chapter, but there is so much more to do outside of this. Leave no stone unturned! Below is a list of all the trophies in this chapter. Clicking on each item will bring you to the trophy guide.

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough for the final chapter of Jazzpunk.

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