Kai Tak Resort Walkthrough

This is another fun level that is unfortunately short. Enjoy this one while you can as it is one of the bigger levels and has some pretty funny jokes and random events for you to check out. I’d say you could easily beat this level in 5 minutes using the speed run guide below. Be sure to check out the info below about the trophies which are connected to the side quests in this level.

Kai Tak Resort Speed Run

Start by heading straight into the main building and talking to the guy at the reception. You will need to ring the bell to make him come out. He will give you a room ticket. Pick it up off the counter and then sign the guest book. Head outside to where the apartment block is and go up the lift to the 4th floor. Go and find room 405, it will be to the left as the lift doors open. Answer the phone to begin the mission.

Head to the bathroom and out on the outfit. There is a wig, lipstick and a pair of shoes. One you have this on, leave the room and go back to the main building where the reception was. Behind the reception is a cocktail bar. At the very back are 2 men talking. Sit on the empty chair. If you look to the right there is a briefcase. Swap it with the one that you are holding. You can now run away and go back to the room. You will collapse when you get outside and wake up inside a bedroom.

Escape the room you wake up in and go to the abandoned swimming pool. This is on the other side of the apartment block from room 405. The guy inside will tell you to go and kill the mechanical pig and cook it. The pig is driving around near the hotel reception area. Hit it with the guitar to kill it. There is a spit nearby with a fire. Put the pig on this and rotate the spit. This will open a clam and lead to the end of this chapter.


Side Quests

There is a lot going on in this chapter and a lot of quests that don’t have any achievement or trophy tied to them. Around the back of the apartments are 2 men with a pair of bunny slippers on the ground next to them. I would highly suggest you interact with those slippers!

There are 6 trophies related to this chapter. You may unlock 1 or 2 of them unintentionally, but in most cases they are missable. If you explore you are bound to find most of them since none of them are difficult to find or unlock. Below is a list of all the trophies. If you click the link it will bring you to the trophy description in the guide.

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough for the entire chapter including the segments between the chapter.

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