Minecraft Horse Name Generator

minecraft horse name generator

Horses are a special kind of animal that can be ridden by the player, given they have a saddle on their back and the player is riding them from behind, which provides increased speed. They are an essential tool in the early stages of the game to ensure you can travel across the map more quickly and more importantly, run past enemies. The Minecraft horse name generator below will help you come up with some interesting names for your new pet horses.

A horse also has an advantage over a pig in that it does not randomly run away, as horses gallop away at full speed unless ordered back. It is recommended to create saddles for your horses with string or wool and saddlebags for storing items such as wood.

This generator is ideal for anyone looking to come up with some funny and interesting names for their horses. Keep clicking the button to get lots of names to use. You can use the filter to switch between funny or regular names and you can also use the gender filter to switch between male and female. Even though Minecraft doesn’t assign gender to horses, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the assumption for your valiant new steed.


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