How To Stop Elliot From Shivering

cloth for elliot

As part of the main story, you will need to get help from a robot named Elliot who lives at Elliot Programming. When you get there and speak with him, you will find that he is unable to help you due to the fact that he is very cold. It seems a bit odd that a robot would be cold, but that is the issue he needs some help with.

Finding something to warm up a robot may not be obvious but it doesn’t have to make sense either. He doesn’t need any sort of special device, he simply wants something to wrap around himself. He is picky though, he won’t just take any old blanket, he wants something specific but doesn’t tell you what it is. All he says is that he needs a cloth to keep him warm.

You can follow the video walkthrough from the point marked in the video below to find out how to get the detergent and how to get the items needed to make Elliot help you out.

How To Find A Cloth For Elliot

You may have visited the shop when you first visited the slums. If you go back to where the monk robot is, the first guy you spoke to, you will find the shop down the steps to the right. He will be selling a few things, the item you need is the electrical cables. In order to purchase this, you will need to get your hands on a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent.

You can get the detergent from Super Spirit Laundry in the town. If you do not know how to get inside here, check out this guide on how to get a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent.

cloth for elliot
Once obtain the poncho, you will be able to stop Elliot from shivering so he can repair the tracker.

Craft a Poncho From Electrical Cable

When you have the bottle of Super Spirit Detergent, you will be able to go to the shop and exchange it for some electrical wires that he is selling. This will be what you need to craft a poncho.

Using the signposts around the town visit Grandma and she will use the Electric cable to knit you a poncho. Once you have this, you can bring it back to Elliot and he will help you out with the walkie-talkie.

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