Finding Guy With Bomber Jacket And Gold Chain

Bomber Jacket And Gold Chain

After you have found Clementine in Stray, she will ask you to find a guy called Blazer who is part of her team. She will describe him as having a bomber jacket and a gold chain but she won’t tell you exactly where to find him, you must go searching for him yourself.

The area of Midtown is not overly large, so you could find him using brute force, simply talk to everyone! If you don’t want to go down that road, check out the guide and video below on where to find Blazer with the gold chain.

Location of Bomber Jacket and Gold Chain Guy

If you go to the central fountain sort of area in Midtown, you will see a guy with a white puffy jacket on. Walk down the steps and the fights right you will see a guy down an alley reading a magazine.

Bomber Jacket And Gold Chain
You will find blazer down this alley reading a newspaper

If you are having trouble finding this location, check out the video guide below.

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