How To Get Into The Control Room

After a long and exciting journey through the slums to midtown and now you have made your way to an area that feels completely new and different, you find yourself stuck. You need to make it into the control room and while there is an obvious route with a panel, it is greyed out and you are unable to interact with it. So what’s the plan, how do you get into the control room on the upper level of the walled city?

I am not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, if you go back a minute or two in the video below, you will likely see the same issue that you are having. There is a panel on the wall that you can interact with but the option to do so is greyed out. Since this sort of thing has been used in the game before, it seems weird that it is suddenly not working. I feel this is a bit of a glitch but thankfully, it is easy to get around it.

unable to interact with door panel
Even though there is a prompt to interact with the panel, you will be unable to do so

Bring the Robot Over To The Panel

Activate the table robot thing and bring it over to the panel on the wall that has a prompt to interact with but is currently out of reach. You can see more in the video below which will show you how to setup the robot to access the panel.

Interact With Other Door Panel

Once the robot is in place, you will see the prompt is grayed out and you can’t unlock the panel. Go over to the other side of the door and interact with the computer panel here. The key is that you need to interact with it twice. Interacting with it once will sort of prime the puzzle and then you need to interact with it a second time. This will open the panel on the other side of the door, near where the robot table is.

Jump up on the robot table and start clawing at the wires. If the panel closes back over before you have finished destroying the wires, you will need to go over to the other side and interact with it again to open the panel with the wires.

Once you have destroyed the wires, you will be able to walk through the large door and into the control room.

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