How To Break Into The Safe In Hollowrock Island

safe on hollowrock island

On Hollowrock Island, you will eventually stumble across a large safe beneath the floor of the largest house on the island. If you try to blow up the walls around it, you will find that the safe is surrounded by a large metal cage that is indestructible. There is no obvious way inside unless you spend some time blowing up the rubble around the cage at which point, you may spot the only clue.

Inside the safe is a huge stack of gold bars. It is sure to get anyone excited when money is a critical thing to have in this game for upgrading your gear. The small glimmer shows that you can collect the gold which in turn means, that there is a way inside the safe. So how do you get to the gold bars inside?

I have included a tutorial below with some images. If you want to see me figure this out, you can watch the guide below where I make my way into the safe.

How To Get To The Gold In The Safe

If you look at the back corner of the safe (when facing the main vault door) you will see there appears to be some kind of air vent or access shaft cover. This is the key, you will need to find where this vent goes and this will be the way to climb inside.

you will see the access shaft door hanging open from the top of the cave

You will need to go down to the cave underneath this house. There will be a tunnel in the cave that faces south. You will notice that from the roof of this tunnel is a similar grate opening that is hanging down. This is the opening that you are looking for, but how are you meant to climb up this shaft?? PLANKS!

climbing into the vault
You will need to place planks in a similar way to what you see here. It will allow you to jump between them in order to get to the top of the shaft

Once you climb to the top of the shaft, you will be able to use a shotgun or some other weapon to blow open the grate blocking the shaft and you will now have access to the large stack of gold bars which will be worth a huge chunk of cash.

How Much Are The Gold Bars Worth

The gold bars that are locked within the vault beneath the large house on hollowrock island are worth a huge amount of money that can be spent on upgrades. Once you have crawled through the shaft to get inside, you will find that it is worth a hefty $1500.

gold bars in hollowrock safe
Once you get inside the safe, you will be able to nab this stack of gold bars and another bag of cash worth $400 right next to it.
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