Power Outage Mission All Objectives Complete

Power outage is a main mission from Teardown. From the offset, this appears to be a rather challenging mission. There are 8 objectives that are spread around the map quite far from each other. The idea of being able to make it across the entire map to destroy all of the electrical components in such a short amount of time seems difficult.

It took quite a bit of thinking to map out a route that made sense but the goal was achieved in the end. The video guide below will show you the full process of me trying to figure out the best path for the solution and how to quickly get all of the objectives, including the optional ones to complete the mission.

Missions like this one provide a great way to learn a lot about the mechanics of the game and teach you that “cheating” in a more traditional sense is exactly what the game developers had intended when it comes to solving the problems.

check out the video below for the full guide on the power outage mission in teardown.


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