Motivational Reminder All Objectives Guide

motivational reminder quest

Motivational reminder is a quest in Teardown that takes place on Hollowrock Island. You will need to destroy Mr Amanatide’s propane tanks. There are quite few of them to destroy, even for the primary quest. Thankfully, these tanks can be moved….with great care, as you will see in the video guide below.

The best strategy for this quest is to try and move all of the tanks into a central location so that you can easily destroy them all in under 60 seconds. Once you detonate the first tank the timer will start, so you will need to be fast here.

There is most likely a list of different ways you can approach this mission. The key part is knowing that you can move the propane tanks to a new, more convenient location that allows you to have quick and easy access to the tanks from a central point.

For some bonus points and some extra money, you will notice that this mission is where I stumble across a safe filled with gold. You will see the solution in this video making it a handy mission to get 100% completion and get the reward of all of the gold inside the secret safe on the island.

Other than this, you should be able to follow the tactics from the video guide above to be able to very easily achieve 100% completion in this mission.

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