The Speed Deal Under 20 Seconds Guide

One of the more unique missions in Teardown is a mission called “The Speed Deal”. This mission requires you to race a car around a track and to do it fast enough that you beat the track record.

The required objective for this is 30 seconds, which is pretty easy to do once you get the right car and have a few practices runs. However, beating it in 20 seconds or less is a much more challenging experience.

For people like myself who are not very good at racing games, you may have to accept that you are never going to be able to rely on raw driving skills to complete this. This is why we are able to resort to cheating! Cheating is what the developers had intended, however.

Completing The Race In Under 20 Seconds

The rules are simple. There are three gates you must drive under before crossing the finish line. Why can’t we just move the gates to make the track shorter and this makes the 20-second goal much easier? This is exactly what I did in the video below. Check out the guide to see what I did to quite easily get a score of 18 seconds without any driving skill at all.

Moving The Gates

In order to make the track shorter, you will need to move the gates. This is quite easy to do with a crane but you need to keep in mind that the gates need to remain connected to the power source, which does limit where you can move them to.

move the gates
Moving the gates will shorten the track, making it a lot easier to complete it in under 20 seconds.
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