Easy Ways To Make Money In Monster Harvest

easy money monster harvest

After playing this game for a few hours, one thing became quite clear to me. The $15,000 building upgrades and expansions were going to be a VERY long way away for me to have enough money to purchase them.

After several more hours of playing, I had found that earning money in Monster harvest, was not that difficult, so long as you knew enough tricks that were reliable sources of income. At the start, in particular, you will have little money to spend if you want to earn money. It may take a bit of time but if you focus on this early on, you should be rich by the end of the first dry season. The consignment board should be the place you go to every day to sell your goods. Here are the sources of easy money in Monster Harvest.

Sell Items You Forage (Flowers & Fruit)

When you head out and explore the town and surrounding areas, you are going to come across a lot of random items. Flowers, mushrooms, fruit and various other things that are growing in the forests. If you pick these up, you can bring them back to the farm and sell them for some easy money.

Most flowers and fruits will spawn in the same few locations every day. After you water your crops, you can run off for a quick forage to find some handy items to spend to earn some money while your crops are going.

earn money from items you forage
Even on your walk to the dungeon, you can find some items that will earn you some handy money

I would not recommend you sell resource items like wood, stone, iron, titanium etc. You can earn a bit of money from this stuff but you will need this for crafting and it is a lot of work to go back to the dungeon to find some titanium when you are working on building water pipes for your farm for example.

Sell The Fish You Catch

You can make use of fish for cooking but this isn’t really going to be a good use of your time. Once you obtain a fishing rod, you can start catching fish. Like many aspects of this game, fishing uses an incredibly high amount of stamina. So I would suggest working on some of the strategies that give you more stamina while you are working on earning more money in Monster Harvest.

If you finish watering your crops and have some stamina left, run down to the pond, catch a few fish and you can sell them quickly. This is much faster than foraging but may not earn you as much money. It is still a quick approach to take and will result in you being able to harvest your crops much faster. Which will also earn you more $$.

Use Blue Slime To Create Farm Animals

As you will learn very early on, a red slime will create monsters you can fight with. If you use a blue slime and have built a barn (which is admittedly quite expensive early on), you can use this as a way to earn some pretty easy money by selling the animals once they grow up.

The barn is not the most straightforward structure in this game and it is buggy. This guide will explain how to use the barn in Monster Harvest if you are having the same difficulties that I did at first.

selling animals for money
Livestock are worth quite a bit of money when they grow up.

Selling Crops Is #1

There is absolutely no doubt that crops are the number 1 way to earn money in this game. Even the most basic crops in the dry season can earn you a few thousand dollars every few days.

The best strategy is to purchase as many seeds as possible and always have a field as full as you can manage. Check out the farming guide for some useful tips and strategies on managing a large farm of crops with automation so you don’t have to keep watering them.

Hybrid Seeds Are The Best Earners

During your explorations of the dungeon, you are sure to come across a mysterious hooded man that will sell you some seeds. When you find him, it is good to purchase all you can. Even though they may take a little longer to grow, they are worth it. Simply sleep a few days in a row and when you head out of your house, a large bounty of crops will await you that will make you rich in an instant.

seed seller
Deep in the dungeon, you may find you come across this guy. The seeds he sells are often more expensive than the average seed but are well worth it as they can sell for 3 or 4 times the price of a regular plant.
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