Guide To Mounts

The map in Monster Harvest is not the biggest map in a video game but since you will have to do a lot of walking back and forth, it would be nice if there was a way to speed this up. The good news is that you can create planimal mounts that you can ride around the map to make transport a lot faster.

Obtaining a mount requires quite a few things to have arranged in advance which will mean that you will not be able to get one of these right away. It will take some work to get everything prepared.

monster harvest mount
Depending on the type of crop you use the slime on, you could end up with a range of rather fun and unusual mounts to zoom around the map on

How To Get A Mount

To get a mount, you will first need to have constructed the stables at your farm. This can be found next to the livestock barn at the top left corner of the farm. You will have to interact with the signpost here and spend the resources in order to construct the stables. This will be where all of your mounts will go when you create them.

Now you have to actually get the mount itself. This is done using a super blue slime potion. Plant a crop that you like the look of and apply the super blue slime to the seeds. When the plant matures and you can harvest it, you will get a mount planimal.

Mount planimals will automatically go to the stables when you create them. When you go to bed, they will also go back to the stables. If you ever lose your mount, they will end up back at the stables.

Are Mounts Worth It?

Absolutely, they are worth every penny and every ounce of effort you have to go through to obtain one. The speed at which they run will make travelling around the map a breeze. No more rolling to speed up the walking.

When it comes to travelling to the dungeon or just roaming around the map looking for items to forage, you will find this is a lot easier and less boring when you have a mount to get around the place. The first chance you can, It is worth getting the mount. It will pay for itself in the long run by making the game less boring.

My Mount Has Vanished After Going Into A Building

When you enter a building, the mount should wait for you outside. They do tend to walk around a small area when you are not riding them. There are some bugs that can cause the mounts to clip inside buildings and make them hard to see. There is no way to fix this right away.

If your mount has vanished, it should reappear at the stables when you rest back at your farm. So your mount is not gone forever. You could also wait around a minute and the mount might come out of wherever it has gotten stuck. Walking in and out of the building may also help.

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