How To Increase Stamina

It doesn’t take long for you to realise that stamina is a rather frustrating limitation of Monster Harvest. It is going to limit almost every element of gameplay and earning money. Everything from picking flowers to catching fish drain an unusual amount of stamina which will have you needing to sleep after 2 minutes of hard work.

Finding ways to better optimise your limited amount of stamina every day is one side of the guide but there are also multiple upgrades that you can purchase that will have a big influence on the amount of stamina that daily actions consume, allowing you to get a lot more done without needing to rest for the day.

Purchase Tool Upgrades

Your pickaxe, hoe, axe and watering can are all the main sources of stamina consumption. There are upgrades you can purchase for these items that will make them consume less stamina. The pickaxe upgrade for example will allow you to break rocks with a single swing.

You can purchase upgrades from the guy who sells slimes in Planimal Point. You should aim to get these upgrades, particularly the one for the pickaxe as quick as you can as it will buy you a lot more time in the future.

Stamina Upgrades From Collection Rewards

In the centre of planimal point, you will find a collectable item board. When you sell one of each item in the collection, you will unlock a reward. These rewards are often upgrades for certain tools that make each swing consume less stamina.

When you combine the tool upgrades so they are more effective and then get the upgrade that will consume less stamina for each swing, you will be a far more efficient farmer and toward the end of the game, rarely have to worry about stamina running out.

Eating Food / Crops

Killing animals in the dungeon, foraging fruit and food and harvesting crops will all be sources of stamina. You can also purchase stamina potions but they are not an effective use of your money.

If you want to try and go for a long run in the dungeon and gather as much titanium or other resource as possible in a single run, you can bring some food with you and eat it to restore stamina. Generally speaking, the stamina returned from food never really rewards you with enough stamina to make this worthwhile. It will cost a lot of money to be eating crops you could have sold to get one or two more swings of the axe when mining. The tool upgrades are most definitely the best way to get over the stamina limitations of the game.

Automating Your Farming Tasks

Using your watering can is something that consumes a stupid amount of stamina. This will put an instant limit on the number of crops you can grow due to only being able to water so much each day. If you want to start earning lots of money in Monster Farm, you will need to start automating the watering of the crops on your farm.

farming monster harvest
By planting seeds next to water pipes, you will no longer have to waste stamina watering your crops every day

When you progress further in the game, you will unlock the ability to construct water pipes. These are the key item you will need to start automating your farm. Once this is completed, you can plant an endless amount of crops each day and never need to worry about them getting watered or not. This also saves you a lot of stamina that you can use for other activities.

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