How To Get Inside The Saloon

get inside the saloon

During your explorations of Planimal Point, you are bound to come across the local bar or saloon. When you approach the doors, they do not open like all of the other buildings of the town. It turns out you are indeed an adult in this game, so why will the doors not open up? Here is how to get inside the saloon.

Visit The Saloon In The Evening

For some reason, this is a very exclusive saloon that is only available to the nocturnal members of the town. No carvery lunch is available at this establishment. Rest until the evening and return back to the Saloon when night falls to gain access to the bar.

When you return in the evening, you will be able to talk with the barman who works here and you will be able to purchase some handy items from him to decorate your farm with.

items to purchase in the saloon
The bar man inside the saloon will sell various items from some consumable goods to decorations that you can bring back to your farm…if you have enough money that is

At this point in the game, money is more than likely going to be quite tight. Dropping $400 on a piano to decorate your home with is most likely going to be out of reach. If you are looking for some tips on how to get more cash, check out my guide on earning money easily in Monster Harvest.

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