Funny Xbox Gamertags

funny xbox gamertags

For those who play multiplayer games, you will more than likely have come across some funny Xbox gamertags. A lot of these are 18+ which will have you wondering how they managed to get past the profanity filters that game networks normally use for usernames.

All of the gamertags here are those that have been found online already. You may be able to use them if you try it on a different network, but don’t get your hopes up that these usernames are going to be available. If you are looking to ditch your current name, you can check out this tool for generating rude and funny gamertags. It won’t give you anything as awesome and original as the funny suggestions in this post, but it may give you some inspiration that you can inject something filthy and funny into.

People are very fond of making puns out of Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings franchise. I ended up having to stop adding any more of these to the list as there were just far too many of them. It was hard as they make some of the most hilarious puns.

  • SirKanyeoftheWest
  • BilboBaggyBallz
  • Dovahkitten
  • xFxMYxANUSx
  • xDildoSwagginzx
  • Dookiezooka
  • BigDanglyBalls
  • Frodo T Baggins
  • TheCoDFather
  • GoochPanooch
  • FetusDeletus
  • Succmeoffskee
  • OldCoochieLips
  • Chick Fil Gay

If you have a funny Gamertag for your account or have come across something that is incredibly funny during your travels across multiplayer lobbies, please share them in the comments below.


  1. Kung Flu.
    Sir Puffswell
    Koochie Spread

  2. Hugh Janus
    Hugh G. Rection
    Lou Sputthole
    i use all three of these on pc and beerbratbrian on xbox

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