Difference Between PS5 Versions

difference between ps5 versions

The PlayStation 5 is launching in November and there are two versions available with $100 separating them. If you want to get the best possible gaming experience, do you need to get the $499 edition? What is the difference between the PS5 versions

The cheaper model of the PS5 is known as the digital edition, the more expensive model has no official name but can be considered the disc edition. Here is everything you need to know about the difference between the two versions of the PlayStation 5.

PS5 Digital Vs Standard – The Short Answer

There is only one difference between the consoles. The $399 digital edition has no disc drive and the $499 edition does. Everything else about the two versions is the exact same. Same CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD capacity. IF you never pay for disc versions of games and do not want to watch Blu Ray movies, then you will have no issues with the digital edition of the PS5. 

The Visual Difference

While there is no difference in terms of computing components, the lack of a disc drive on the digital edition of the PS5 means there is a visual difference between the two versions. The digital edition is going to be slightly smaller as there is no disc drive jutting out of the side of the system. You can see the difference between the two models in the image below. 

ps5 comparison with price
The PS5 consoles will be almost the exact same. The disc drive, visible on the right side is all that is different between the two of them

The Difference With the PS5 Digital Edition

The digital edition of the PS5 works the same as the digital edition of the Xbox One S. It is the exact same as the standard model except it does not contain a disc drive. This means if you buy a physical disc copy of a game, you will be unable to use it as there is no way to insert the disc into the console.  This also means that you will be unable to use the disc versions of PS4 games that you own. If you own lots of these games and were hoping to take advantage of the upgrade patch for PS5, you may need to rethink your plan to get the digital edition of the game. 

Is The More Expensive PS5 More Powerful?

The more expensive model of the PS5 is the same in every way to the cheaper model in terms of computing power and performance. The same is not true for the latest Xbox Series console comparison. If you want to get the best out of the games you purchase, you will see absolutely no difference between the two models. The only difference between them is the inclusion of the disc drive.

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