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far cry 5 dlc

Why has there not been a Blood Dragon 2?

After the dust began to settle following the release of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft have launched a new game. Far Cry New...
DLC Shopping

Developers Are Not Creating Enough DLC For Games

DLC has been an incredibly touchy subject for gamers over the years. I was someone who was very slow to embrace DLC. I was...
Destiny 2 Rip Off

Has Bungie Just Ripped Of Destiny 2 Players?

Destiny 2 was released on September 6th 2017 and has been met with a lot of praise. As someone who has put a lot...
Undead Nightmare DLC

Micro Transactions Are Killing DLC

A recent post over on Gamespot revealed that GTA online has made over half a billion dollars. This is one of the most financially...
Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty DLC To Contain Day 1 DLC

The announcement of the 'Havoc expansion' for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes as good news to the zombies fans out there. Well Activation...