VR Karting Didn’t Work Well For The Stomach

Having spent the past few months dealing with moving home, my PSVR has been sealed away in it’s cardboard tomb, getting no attention at all. This weekend was the first time I have gotten to play it in a while. Having kept an eye on the sales over the past few months, I have a pretty large backlog of VR games to get through.

The first game I played was light tracer. I didn’t really know what the game was about, I only bought it because I heard it had a very easy platinum. Not sure how true that is but the game is really cool. That sounds quite weird now considering it looks like something a 6 year old girl would play.

Looking past the childishness of it, the gameplay works really well. You will use your right hand to shine some light on the ground, the girl will follow this light (blindly) and you have to make sure she gets to the end goal without falling off ledges and shit. With your left hand you get to manipulate the map. Lifting up platforms and twisting the level to get a better perspective. Definitely going to put a few more hours into this game.

I needed to man up a bit after playing light tracer so I threw on the very manly looking VR Karts. This is where things went downhill. I had a feeling the motion sickness might cause some issues but i was feeling brave at the time. I didn’t play much more after this..

The game starts off great. Slowly driving around the track was fine and I was having great fun. When the tutorial got onto boosting and drifting, I had to call it a day. My stomach was starting to turn, so I had to call it a day. It was not the worst game for motion sickness I have played, It wasn’t nice. Maybe I have just been out of it for too long. Knew I should have stuck with light tracer.

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