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PSVR Power Consumption

Today I decided to measure the PSVR power consumption level. Since it has it's own power supply, I had wondered what the wattage was...
VR Cinema Mode

Using the PSVR for non VR Games

We all know the PSVR as Sony’s shiny new toy that has attempted to bring affordable VR to the gaming masses. While...
VR Karts

VR Karting Didn’t Work Well For The Stomach

Having spent the past few months dealing with moving home, my PSVR has been sealed away in it’s cardboard tomb, getting no...
VR Motion Sickness Vomit

How To Prevent VR Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can make or break a VR game for you. I recently wrote an article that explained what VR motion sickness...
Easy PSVR Platinums

Easy PSVR Platinums

PSVR games tend to get ignored quite a bit when it comes to trophies. Most of the time it's due to the games not...
Playstation VR Flaws

The PSVR Is Doing More Damage To VR Than Good

I picked up a PSVR just before Christmas and over the past few weeks I have played a lot of the best VR games...
psrv with move controllers

Guide To Using The PS Move Controllers With the PSVR

Navigating The PS4 Menu This is probably the first issue most people are going to come across. You no longer have a dpad or an...


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