Is Trey Parker the narrator in VR Karts?


When I started up the tutorial there was a guy talking that explained how to play the game and stuff. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put a name on it. Eventually it clicked when he sounded like Randy from South Park. Is Trey Parker involved with this game?

Is Trey Parker the narrator in VR Karts
VR Karts

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1 Answer

Dan -

It does sound an awful lot like him. He isn’t mentioned in the credits that roll on the TV screen when you are on the main menu. There is someone listed for the voice work, forget his name, but it was Trey Parker anyway…unless he used a fake name or something so as not to have his name attached to a game that is not that good.


  1. If it’s not him, then I want the voice talent found and forced to do Randy quotes

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