VR Karts

vr karts

Mario kart, but not quite as action packed. This game puts you in the seat of a go kart where you must race against other karts and take them out using weapons. The game doesn’t have the same depth that Mario Kart has, but it does have its own unique edge considering it is a VR game.


Position: Seated
Play Area Size: Small
Chance of Injury: Minimal

You do very little movement. All of the input is handled through the dualshock controller. Moving your head is mostly optional. You are unlikely to burn any calories playing this game as you move very little, require hardly any space to play the game and can play it sitting down.


Sickness Intensity: 6

This definitely isn't the WORST game in the world for motion sickness but it isn't that good either. Because you are in a kart and can see the kart, you tend not to feel too sick from this. The main issue is when you start drifting and boosting. The screen pulls back and this is where you start to get some sicky feelings.



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