Numskull Doom Mancubus Figure Review

Numskull Doom Mancubus Figure

Of all the gaming figures in the Numskull Doom collectable line, the Mancubus has to be one of the most memorable, stand-out figures from the franchise. There is a lot to love about this oversized demon that makes it stand out from the rest.

The Mancubus is one of the biggest, most formidable enemies in the Doom games. Towering over most other enemies, the Mancubus is stacked with heavy firepower and can absorb a lot of damage. This will undoubtedly beg the question, is this figure bigger than the rest in the same series of Numskull doom figures? The answer is yes, but maybe not as much as you would have expected.

This line of toy-like collectable figures from Doom are all in and around the same height. The Mancubus is no exception to this but what he lacks in height, is made up for in width. This figure is a chonker and a half and it really looks awesome.

numskull doom mancubus

Having picked up a couple of these figures already, the collection really felt complete with the overbearing sight of the Mancubus looming over the rest of the figures. This is an absolute must-have if you are trying to decide which of the figures you want to buy.

The face is a real distinguishing feature of this figure due to how ugly it is. The pig-like tusks sticking out of the oversized mouth and the angry-looking green eyes are going to catch your gaze, even amongst the more cluttered of collectable display shelves.

The massively oversized cannons bolted to its arms are the next natural eye-catching part of this figure and since the arms are adjustable, you can get some pretty cool poses to make him even more imposing than he already is. There is a downside, however. Having left my figure on the shelf for a few days with both arms raised, the flexible rubber hose that goes from the guns to the shoulders somehow broke off. Rather disappointing when this was a nice feature of those guns.

damaged figure
Since you will want the figure facing forward, it isn’t a huge deal the tube is broken but from the back, it looks very noticeably broken.

One minor issue I found with this figure was its rotatable legs. The fact that you can pivot on the hips is really not that attractive of a feature. It causes the figure to look quite unsightly due to the flat, clear plastic parts of the legs becoming visible, as you would expect. You will more than likely want to keep his legs straight, but no matter how hard you try, getting the markings on his torso to line up with the legs is impossible. It isn’t exactly a deal breaker but it is an imperfection created by an unnecessary piece of the figure that moves.

mancubus figure belly
The markings on the belly are always misaligned, regardless of what direction you have it facing.

As far as this series of figures go, this Mancubus figure has to be one of the best. It is a really good “toy” representation of the in-game monster that stands out amongst the rest in the collection. This definitely needs to be on the list for anyone wanting to pick up a few of these figures.


The Doom Mancubus figure from Numskull is without a doubt, the most impressive figure from the series of collectable figures from Doom. There are a few imperfections and the build quality of the rubber hoses on the back is rather poor but overall, it does little to detract from making this a truly imposing and impressive figure.
  • Looks incredibly imposing and aggressive
  • Great level of detail
  • The rubber pipes on his back broke off without even touching them