Numskull Doom Marauder Figure Review

Numskull Doom Marauder Figure

The Marauder is a type of enemy that appears in the 2016 reboot of the Doom video game, and its expansions. The Marauder is a formidable enemy that is heavily armored and wields a shotgun and a large Axe. The in game version of this monster is pretty awesome, which makes the collectable figure from Numskull one worth checking out.

The Marauder is a large, humanoid creature with a demonic appearance. It has a horned helmet and a heavily armored body, which makes it difficult to take down. The Marauder is known for its high damage output, accuracy, and ability to dodge player attacks. It is also equipped with a powerful melee attack that can quickly deplete the player’s health if they get too close.

When it comes to the line of Numskull figures from the Doom series, the Marauder looks awesome! With all of the signature features condensed down to a toy-like figure, you get all of the best elements of this enemy to stand next to all of the other incredible figures in this series. The signature horn and the heavy suit of armor.

doom marauder

The distinct oversized horns are what make this figure stand out from the rest. They give this guy a much more distinct and frightening appearance. The size of the horns is a great aspect of the figure but they are so big they actually block you from being able to fully raise the right arm. If you wanted to give this guy an action pose of the axe above its head, you will need to apply a lot of pressure to bend the arm around the horn, which feels like a bit of an oversight.

For the other hand, you get a closed fist, which is a tad disappointing when the Marauder in the game has a shotgun which would have been really cool to also have included. This is a similar complaint for the hunter that was also missing one of its primary weapons.

The armor the marauder is wearing looks really good and compared to the other figures in the series, the marauder has a lot more fine detail. The triple-layer pauldron on the shoulder and the large gauntlet on the left arm do make up for a lack of a shotgun to a degree.

doom marauder numskull
One of the issues with the axe is that it clips off the horns when you try to position the arm. It is possible to bend things around but who knows how long it is until things break.

The arms are the only part of this figure that moves. The legs do twist, ever so slightly, but not enough for you to make any sort of meaningful pose. The arms are the only aspect you can manipulate to create a cool pose, which isn’t very difficult considering how cool this guy looks with arms down by his side.

Considering how good this guy looks, it isn’t too difficult to get him to strike an excellent pose. The limited articulation and issue with the axe hitting the horn won’t stop you from making this guy look awesome on your collectable shelf.


The Marauder is a really cool enemy that is relatively new to the franchise. Great effort has been put into recreating it for this line of figures. The large horns and detailed armor set this figure out from the rest. It is unfortunate the shotgun was not included as part of the design and the axe arm clips off the horns making it a little difficult to get a cool pose. Relatively minor things in the grand scheme when you have this guy lined up with the rest of the figures in this series
  • Detailed armor
  • The horns are such a cool, stand out aspect of the design
  • No shotgun
  • Axe gets stuck on the horns, preventing you from lifting the hand too high.