Numskull Doom Arachnotron Figure Review

Numskull Doom Arachnotron Figure
numskull arachnotron

For anyone who played the original Doom game, you will likely remember the horrifying moment when you first encounter the Arachnotron. Up until this point, you had been dealing with various monsters but nothing compares to this spider-like monstrosity that triggers that fear that most of us have of spiders or creatures with big legs.

Next to the Mancubus, the Arachnotron is another stand-out figure from this line of Doom collectable figures. This guy is much bigger than the others and adds some really nice diversity to the set. The mechanical legs and unique head bolted on make for a more twisted vision of organics and machine mixed together.

The Arachnotron is one of the more unique-looking monsters from Doom with its large robotic legs, gigantic brain and insect-like face. The figure has been recreated very well to fit the toy-like appearance that this line of figures has.

doom arachnotron face

The brain is without a doubt the most distinct aspect of this monster and it looks quite fairly nasty in a good kind of way. The face looks like some kind of aggressive insect with lots of small sharp teeth. There’s something that is reminiscent of the praying mantis here.

The main offensive weapon of the Mancubus is not its teeth but the large electric cannon that protrudes over its back like a scorpion’s stinger. One of the cooler parts of this figure is that the cannon can be moved around with two different joints to direct the cannon.

arachnotron cannon

The cannon is not the only moving part of this figure. All four of the legs have a limited range of movement. It isn’t enough for you to create any sort of wacky poses but the in-game Arachnotron always had a rather limited walk animation. Agility was never a trait of this monster and the same is true for this figure.

The overall detail on this figure is quite good. The colour lines are sharp and the lumps on the brain look cool from a distance. This figure really makes me wish there was a line of highly detailed Doom figures too. The shape and design of this figure is so cool. It would be amazing to see a more gritty, detailed version where the brain is far more disgusting looking, like the awesome revenant figure that came with the collector’s edition of Doom 2006. Even with its minimal, cartoon-like style, this is one of the best figures from this collection.


The Arachnotron is one of the cooler figures from this series. There is something quite menacing about its appearance. The unique design compared to the other bipedal monsters make it stand out. This is another must-have for any Doom fan. Maybe some day we will get a hyper-realistic version to sit with the revenant.
  • Nasty-looking face gives it a menacing look.
  • Movable legs and cannon.
  • Quite large compared to other figures in the series.